Free Childcare With Early Year Education Grant

Nursery Education Grants are available at both of our Nurseries.

Parents of Children aged 3 and 4 years are entitled to up to 15 hours (England) and 10 hours (Wales) of childcare and education funded by the Local Education Authority.

This is available in both our nurseries at Tutshill and Chepstow, although the entitlement differs between England and Wales. Our staff will assist in completing your application which will access funding for the term following your child's 3rd birthday.



This is available to ALL CHILDREN of appropriate age, and "cross-border" fundiing is allowable. Our staff will be pleased to provide further information on this terrific opportunity to ease your childcare costs.

We are inspected by OFSTED (England) and ESTYN (Wales) for the provision of free childcare and are required to provide children with learning and development opportunities in line with the EARLY YEARS CURRICULUM

When your child moves on to Reception class the school is provided with a TRANSITION RECORD detailing your child's development and learning achievements.

The sessions may be taken in a variety of formats, and our staff will be pleased to provide further information.