Facilities and Care Provision

Our 2 sites provide childcare from Babies through to Preschool, preparing children for a successful transition to reception class at school.

Powder House Farm   Regent House

Coleford Road
Tutshill, Chepstow
NP16 7PT

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Caters for:
Babies from 3 months.
Toddlers and Pre-School.
After-School. and Holiday Scheme
Cater for:
Babies from 3 months
Toddlers and Pre-School
Wraparound and Holiday Scheme



Care, Development and Education

Babies and Toddlers

Our self-contained units for this age group have all the facilities for care of the youngest of children, priority is given to YOUR babies routine, with that all important continuity of staff throughout the day. Suitably equipped areas for stimulating and creative play are available to suit each individual child's development and progression.


Toddlers and Pre-School

The progression to a more structured and integrated environment is determined by the individual child's needs and development. A main feature of the care for this group is an environment in which learning becomes a positive and enjoyable experience, emphasising achievement and success to stimulate motivation.

Emphasis is placed on -

The presence of a qualified nursery teacher as part of our educationally stimulating pre-school environment provides a solid foundation that will be of benefit on entry to primary education.

Pre-School Education and theFoundation Stage


Our staff benefit from a continuous program of training and development, and this together with the expertise of our Early Years Teachers ensure we effectively deliver the EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION STAGE (England) and FOUNDATION PHASE (Wales). Both our sites are monitored and inspected to ensure compliance with the needs of this :

Activities and learning opportunities are planned to promote the desirable outcomes recommended for children before entering compulsory education.

The areas covered are :

At Regent House we are proud to also include the WELSH LANGUAGE

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Within this area children are encouraged to develop knowledge and understanding of their environment, other people and the work they perform, different cultures, and animals and other living things. It also covers energy and how things work and the appropriate use technology in supporting learning experiences.

Personal and Social Development

This area focuses on how children respond and co-operate with each other outside the family environment. Emphasis is placed on the importance of personal, social, moral and spiritual development including personal values and an understanding of self and others.


Language Literacy and Communication Skills

The desirable outcomes focus on language development and the ability to communicate with others. It emphasises speaking and listening, reading and writing abilities.


This area focuses on building a clear understanding of number concepts which include shape and colour, number values and recognition, measuring, problem solving and investigations. Also emphasis is placed on the use of mathematical language.

Physical Development.

The focus in this area is on the child developing control over their body, becoming mobile, having an awareness of space and being competent with manipulative skills.

Creative Development

This area of learning focuses on developing children's ability to express ideas and feelings in a creative way. It includes a wide range of experiences in art, craft, music, dance, story making and imaginative play. This area of learning can make a strong contribution to children's cultural awareness and social development.

Additional Needs

We have a wealth of knowledge with regard to the identification and support of children with Additional Needs.
In consultation with parents we will develop a plan identifying support and provision individually tailored to the child. Where necessary, outside agencies will be called upon to give specific guideance to ensure a childs individual needs are met.